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Welcome to the Spenser: For Hire portion of my web page. This
page has been created after much thought and effort. It was originally
created to be a supplement to Mike Loux's page that is listed below.
I first watched Spenser: For Hire way back in it's early days on
ABC and later on Lifetime and now on TNT. Spenser : For Hire
is currently being aired weekdays on TNT at 11 am, starting
March 10, 1997. One afternoon at the market, a Spenser novel
entitled "A Savage Place" caught my eye. It was the first Spenser
novel I ever read or should I say consumed! Since then I've watched
all of the TV episodes and have read almost all of the books. Please
check back often to find out the new news about our favorite
gumshoe, Spenser! Thanks and enjoy.


The following link is THE BEST PLACE ON THE WEB to find
information about Spenser. It makes my page look sick! I would like
to say thanks Mike for several items, especially for taking time to
help me out with my WEB PAGE and giving me guidance when I need
it. Also, to say thanks for putting up with my ever flowing stream of
e-mail I send you every so often. Thanks.

[Bullets and Beer]

This next link is to the Spenser Audio Collection from Denis
Hamelin, Curator of the Spenser Audio Collection. He has done
exceptional work in mulitmedia and is currently teaching courses on
the subject. He has also received accolades from the Robert Urich
and from Mike's Bullets and Beer page. I would like
to thank Denis for the backgrounds and info he has supplied to me
and my site and also congratulations on a great page. I would like
to encourage everyone to please visit The Spenser Audio Collection!
Great work Denis!

[Spenser Audio Collection]

This next link is not to a Spenser site but another
gumeshoe's site! The site, created by the author, Harlan Coben,
Mike and myself, is dedicated to Myron Bolitar, another fantastic
gumshoe and series. This series has won the Shamus Award, the
Edgar Allen Poe Award, the Anthony Award and more! If you love
Spenser then hop on over to this site. You won't be disappointed!
The Myron Bolitar Web Site

Another link containing a copious amount of episode information is
the Spenser Page provided by Lifetime and their Episode Guide.

Also, Please visit CYBERBOILED. This is another site that
I maintain that is dedicated to mystery and hardboiled fiction.
If you love this site then you'll love CYBERBOILED too.


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Most recent update: 03/29/98
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